Big Rig Hendricks and the UFC fight night 105! 

Okay, in a few hours UFC fight night 105 will air. Off all the fights I am most intrigued to see Mr Johny Hendricks, the former welterweight champion! I was waiting eagerly for the weigh-ins and Mr Johny came in at 185.5 pounds. Haha so strange. I just thought he would be somewhere around 180. Idk how he weighs so much. Anyways Johny looked happy after long. Man remember his previous weight cut and how he looked. Gosh. Good he looks happy. He’s a former champ for god’s sake. He’s facing Hector Lombard, former Bellator champ! He’s no easy fight for Johny and no way is Hector a pushover. But if Johny can find his grove and if that KO power is back, I see him winning. And I want him to win too. After three straight loses, he has to win this. Man common Johny, decision or KO doesn’t matter just get the W. 

And the main event is super awesome as well. Black beast Derrick Lewis faces Travis Browne. Travis is at the most horrible stretch of his career as of now and Derrick is on a four fight win streak! Bad match up we think. But remember when Hapa was considered the next heavyweight champ? Yes he was supposed to be the next big thing just a couple of years ago. His career has slided down and his personal life also has been getting unnecessary attention of late as well. Cos of Ronda Rousey you say? Maybe, maybe not. Cos of Edmond the great you say? More maybe. What we know is that Travis is still under Ednomd. Idk, why man. His life you say? Ha yeah! But at the weigh-ins and the build up he looked calm. Derrick looks like a killer though. Idk man the dudes scary. And it was epic when he said he has to prove nada and he was fighting to provide for his family. That’s some emo stuff there. It was great Derrick saying he’s got nothing to prove when all other fighters out there say they will take the oppenets head off. Derrick though said something different. Something nice. I do not like Travis and I want Derrick to win. But Travis is looking great. I hope Derrick gets the W and goes on to face Francis Ngannou. That’s the match I want to see. Let me not get too ahead! Let’s watch the fight yeah. 

Rest of the card is pretty ordinary but definitely is intriguing. The main and co main is awesome though! The card definitely is better than UFC 208! No predictions for any other fight. It’s all in fantasy. Let’s see how many I get correct! 

See yeah all soon.


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