Junior dos Santos vs Stipe Miocic 2

The rematch, this time for the heavyweight championship, is set between Dos Santos and Stipe Miocic for UFC 211.

Considering how close the first match was, this one is expected to be bonkers. The clear deviation from the first meeting is that this time Miocic is a clear favourite after four straight KO’s. Miocic’s confidence will obviously be looming large since he became champ and earning  victories back to back to back to back.

Dos Santos is coming of a long layoff. His chin has deteriorated in the recent past after hard fought battles in the past with Cain Velasquez and Miocic. It was clearly evident in his loss against previous title challenger Alistair Overeem. But he had make up with a technical win against Ben Rothwell. Dos Santos has spoken of going back to his strength, which is boxing and  maintaining range. Considering the way Miocic and Junior fight, there is very low chance of this fight going to the ground.

Further in the heavyweight division, Cain is expected to face the possible next  big thing in heavyweight division Francis Ngannou. If this happens, the winner will undoubtedly be receiving the next title shot (fingers crossed that Cain stays healthy for once, Pls Cain stay strong). And also if this fight happens it must main event or be a co-main of a big card.

The kickman Fabricio Werdum will face Ben Rothwell at UFC 211, the same card where the championship fight takes place. I clearly see Werdum winning this but I do not expect him to get the next title shot considering his past antics and relationship with Dana White, president of UFC.

Also there is Derrick Lewis vs Travis ‘hapa’ Brown main eventing the fight night 105 and also the return Mark Hunt against Alistair Overeem. Also for some strange reason am also excited for the return of Todd Duffee (hmm Never back down emo shiz).

GOOD LORD. Some exciting times ahead for the heavyweights in the UFC. The scene is beautiful and lets pray that everyone stays bloody healthy.


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